"RIVER" - Hyperreal Drawing in Charcoal Video Workshop

A full, real-time video workshop is now available as a Presale! During this period you can get it with a 50% discount when using code PRESALE20. Visit RIVER - Video Workshop for more information.


This is a complete, start to finish, 20+ hours workshop with me, Dirk Dzimirsky. It comes with a PDF book that explains all my steps and techniques. You can draw along while looking over my shoulder, pause or speed up the videos anytime.

Included are instructions and a bonus video on how to prepare your own canvases for charcoal drawing.

- 20+ hours of real time HD videos (currently 16 hours available)
- Bonus Video "How to Prepare Canvas for Charcoal"
- Detailed specialized Material List
- High resolution reference photo
- PDF Book with detailed instructions
- Lifetime Access to my Drawing Forum

- See my entire process from start to finish
- Learn insider techniques
- Understand the different light and shadow types
- Learn how to make your drawing pop out of the paper
- Discover how to add atmosphere and depth to your drawings
- Find out how easy it is to add details and textures
- All Concepts and most techniques are useful for pencil drawings, too

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